Nimbus Threat Monitor

No-cost Threat Detection and Network Analyzer for ISPs and Hosting Providers

Join us in making the internet a safer place. ISPs and hosting providers who partner with us will receive a purpose-built network analyzer and threat detection solution, created to auto-correlate your netflows with the same IP reputation data that powers many well-known cyber security solutions.

As a partner, you join thousands of the most critical networks on the planet. You share metadata about your network traffic with Team Cymru, so that we can pool everyone's insight and mine it to identify malicious activity globally. 

  • Free network intrusion detection, powered by the most comprehensive IP Reputation data
  • 7,000,000 + indicators updated hourly
  • Customized filtering to isolate malicious activity by type, address ranges and more
  • Fully customizable Kibana® dashboard – 10 default dashboards
  • Support for netflow v5/v7/v9, IPFIX, sflow, jflow and NetStream


Many companies pay for our IP Reputation data.
Nimbus partners don’t.

  • Quickly identify compromised assets in near-real time.
  • See who is draining your bandwidth for malicious purposes.
  • Easily prioritize your remediation efforts.
  • Reduce costs and protect your brand, while keeping the internet safer.
  • Protect your clients.

Who is Team Cymru? Good question. Let's let others answer:

Washington Post, ZDNetPC Magazine


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