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We are honored to have been invited back by the Council of Europe for another week packed with case studies, workshops and networking: September 3rd - 6th, 2019 APPLY HERE to become a delegate using the password that should have accompanied the email with the link to this page. EMAIL US to become a speaker or trainer, or to request more information. We hope to see you there!

We are also looking for a venue to host a RISE event for 150+ people in North America in the Fall.  If would like to discuss the value to your organization in partnering for a Regional Internet Security Event, please contact STEVE SANTORELLI.  We still have lots of wonderful opportunities open for sponsors.  Want to know more?  Ask JOHN BROWN (pictured above) about his experiences as a UE and RISE sponsor.

Our two day RISE-HONG HONG event with the Asia Chapter of the HTCIA is full for next month unless you become a SPONSOR. Sponsorship starts at $3,000 and is a great way to contribute back, and to get your name recognized by your customers throughout the region.

We have 16 case studies and workshops from CN CERT and regional law enforcement as well as a pair of cyber-teaming events and research presentations on crypto-forensics and mobile malware.

                       To find out more                               about the value that                         the unparalleled                              commercial insight in our tools and feeds could bring to your customers, fill out this form to chat with our Sales Team.

Jim Skidmore, Head of Sales, Team Cymru Inc.

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  RISE Hong Kong
  May 15th-16th, 2019
  Sha Tin Science Pk